This Is Kyle’s Life hopes to cultivate an audience of aspiring Vagabonds & Digital Nomads by helping them to discover how best to achieve the goal of combining work and travel without having or acquiring the technical skills or experience.

Hey folks! My name is Kyle Wilson (some call me Kylie or ginger nut!). I’m a full-time travel blogger & Videographer who has been exploring the world since 2016 with a vision to take in as many of this worlds beautiful scenes.

Welcome to my travel blog! It is here that you will find out how to combine your work and travel through my entertaining stories, cool videos, amazing adventures and insider tips from my journey around this world. 

This place is for the people like you who are looking to become inspired and motivated to make a real change that will see you travel more and work with ease and confidence.

This Is Kyle’s Life wants to show you how to travel by combining it with online work so that you can earn more money, travel to more exciting places and create some epic moments!

Lets Get Started By Learning About The Two Different Remote Lifestyles That Are Available To You Right Now!

You also can learn more about me here.
How will This Is Kyles Life accomplish the goal of helping You to combine your work and travel?
1. Identifying and sharing resources for finding temporary, short-term work while traveling
2. Writing engaging content that inspires, motivates and educates our readers
3. Interviewing experienced Vagabonds & Digital nomads to share what they have learned with our audience
4. Create “How To” Tutorials
5. Create “Travel Tips and Guides” that specifically address the needs and interests of our audience
6. Partner with similar sites to increase reach and exposure to a larger audience
7.Creating fun, Iinspiring and engaging YouTube travel videos
8.Sending out Monthly newsletters
9.Creating Question & Answer sessions replying to your queries
10.Continually looking to improve equipment to provide the best quality content
This Is Kyle’s Life will earn our sustaining income by…
1. Donations
2. Affiliate partnerships
3. Advertising
4. Subscribers
5. Podcasts
6. Kindle books
7. Freelancing
8.Collaborations with tourism boards
9.Stock video footage
10.One-on-one consulting



Over here at This Is Kyle’s Life I want to share all my findings with you so that you can better see how to combine your work and travel to get the best experience possible.

I write monthly newsletters that I send out via email which you should seriously consider subscribing too. It’s scam proof and 100% free.

The newsletters I send out give you real Insights Into my own Nomad lifestyle and I also share the progress Im making and the problems Im facing so that I can help you combine your own work and travel, So Click here to sign up to my monthly newsletter.

I love talking to people about travel and hearing their stories so don’t be afraid to contact me with your best or worst travel stories or even to give me a heads up about the type of content you want me to write about. You never know, they might get a feature on the next blog or a shout out in my YouTube vlog! Happy days!



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